7 Must Have Elements Of A Great Blog Post (Infographic)

Finally, you have a nice looking website and it’s performing reasonably well – but how do you get it to rank higher in search engines?

This a common and perfectly reasonable question to ask, especially considering the investment you made in having your site designed by a professional (…you did, right…?).

Before you invest heavily in SEO services or spend hours online trying to find […]

The Ultimate Content Marketing Glossary

With the rise of the web has also come the rise of “obscure terms that people use to sound smart”. To help combat ignorance and ensure we’re all on the same page when using these terms, here’s a handy and exhaustive list of every marketing term ever invented. Mostly.

You’ll find gems here such as “syndicated content” (which has nothing to do with […]

What’s the Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Design?

Your brand new website looks awesome on a desktop. Congratulations And then you start getting calls from angry customers asking why your site is broken when they try to view it on their iPhones. Uh oh…

With the rise of the mobile device being a popular means of browsing the internet, websites now have to ensure they show up properly on a variety of different […]

8 Web Design Trends To Watch And Why They Matter

We’re not fans of thick beards, odd looking skinny dogs and especially website design trends. However, if you’re planning on launching a new site any time soon, it’s probably worth keeping these helpful design tips in mind as a good starting point.

The first trend: The Parallax Paradox. It sounds amazing enough to find out more, doesn’t it.
Since the internet is an up-to-the-second platform, so […]