backup_shieldYour Website’s Best Friend, Wingman and Majestic Wizard:
Automatic Backups

Don’t mess around with the future of your site. Start keeping backups today!

Approximately half of all Fortune 500 companies experience at least 1.6 hours of downtime each and every week!
(Dunn & Bradstreet)

SEO can be negatively affected iF a site experiences significant downtime (24 hours+)

When a website goes down, the typical customer has no problem buying the same product or service from another site
common sense

A Complete Website Backup Solution!


Monitor for changes daily and restore your website from any point!

“Why bother backing up my website?” The web is a dangerous place. Information can be easily overwritten, websites can be hacked, files can be lost, servers can go down. Our website backup solution protects against the worst case scenario – your website suffers some kind of catastrophic loss, maliciously or accidentally, and it’s no longer accessible to your clients. We can get you back up and running with a single click.

“What does your system offer?” Our industry-leading backup solution fills two vital roles. First, the system monitors (daily) for changes made to your site. This information comes in handy that should something happen to your site, we can let you know immediately which files were changed and when. Second, copies of your site are saved daily on a secure, off-site location. These copies act as one-click restore points at any point in time should you ever need to restore your entire site or just a few files.

How it works

1. We connect to your site via FTP or SFTP

2. We take an initial backup of your site

3. We monitor your site daily for changes, storing them in reports for access at any point.

4. Your site is backed up daily.

5. We can now restore your entire site is chosen files/folder with a single click.

With our automated website backup service, we help protect against worst case scenarios involving your website, ensuring you experience as little downtime as possible should something happen.

Combine this service with our Malware Protection plan and receive a coupon for 10% OFF the service!!!



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