The Ultimate Content Marketing Glossary

The Ultimate Content Marketing Glossary

With the rise of the web has also come the rise of “obscure terms that people use to sound smart”. To help combat ignorance and ensure we’re all on the same page when using these terms, here’s a handy and exhaustive list of every marketing term ever invented. Mostly.

You’ll find gems here such as “syndicated content” (which has nothing to do with the mafia or big government), “taxonomy” (most definitely not about stuffing dead animals), “SERPs” (yes, we agree it sounds like an awesome laser weapon used in outer space, but it isn’t), and our personal favourite “Robots.txt” (robots are cool but sorry, we’re not referring to messages sent from one android to another).

So get your reading glasses on and have a stroll through this list.

Currently comprising over 550 individual definitions organised in alphabetical order, this growing list is already the ultimate resource of its type to be found anywhere on the Web. A massive task to put together and format, I must thank professional researcher Rachel Witherow for all her hard work on this project.

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