How to Update WordPress

The rumour is, you’re considering updating
your version of WordPress…. We congratulate you!

As you know, it’s extremely important to keep your WordPress updated.
Here’s a quick rundown on why:


1. Security

Getting your site hacked or compromised is not fun. Having to deal with the challenges of removing malware or restoring your site from a backup is time consuming and can be expensive. When a WordPress site is hacked, it is almost always due to outdated software.

2. Compatibility

Keeping your site updated also ensures that your WordPress installation will be compatible with all major, well known and well maintained plugins. Outdated plugins can cause compatibility issues, which is why we always recommend making use of premium and well maintained plugins.

3. Latest Features

With every major WordPress update come new features and benefits. Only by updating to the latest version will you be able to make use of the latest and greatest additions.

4. User Experience

The WordPress development team take their design very seriously. With every new version comes a simpler, cleaner and more user friendly experience.


The following are instructions on how to perform a WordPress update on your own. If you get stuck, or would prefer we run the update on your behalf, contact us at any time.
**Before you get started, we strongly recommend taking a backup of your files, including database.
Installing a new version of WordPress can affect how your site loads.**

Step 1:  Login to WordPress (usually your domain followed by /wp-admin).

If you can’t remember your WordPress login information, click Lost your password? which is directly below the login fields (see the diagram to the right).


Step 2:  At the top of your WordPress Dashboard, you will see

“WordPress 4.0.1 is available! Please update now.”

Click the link “Please update now.”

Step 3:  You should now be on the WordPress Updates Page. Click the blue “Update Now” button.

Once the update is complete, log out and go through each page of your site and ensure everything is working correctly, including forms, etc.


If this update was stressful and caused angst, you might be interested in our Angst-Free WordPress Maintenance packages ($425/year). We’ll look after all WordPress and plugin updates, including extensively testing your site to ensure nothing was broken during the update.

Contact us today to sign up.