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Great branding is the foundation of all great businesses. Brands convey credibility, quality, and experience. Brands are invaluable.

Is yours?

Businesses are in a constant battle to secure additional revenue streams and lure customers away from your competition. This is achieved through marketing efforts including online advertising, new product offerings, sales pitches, direct marketing, etc.

But the strategy to increase sales, enter new markets, etc. can only be effective if a business is presenting a unified and cohesive image that accurately reflects the company, is recognizable, memorable, relevant to the target audience and cross-media compatible.

At Fifth and Missing, we fully appreciate the value of your brand and the part it plays in ensuring your business is profitable. Not only are we experts at creating powerful brands, from scratch or as part of a refresh, we also have the expertise and technical know-how to ensure your brand is used effectively irrespective of the medium.

Where to start

Creating a brand often starts with and revolves around a professionally designed logo and is solidified through:

• business cards

• letterhead

• envelope

From there, and depending on the marketing campaign + objectives, things can branch off to include:

• magazine ads

• flyers

• email blasts

• brochures

• tradeshow signage


The ultimate aim of branding is to present a unified marketing message, in both print and online, that uses the same font, colour, style, etc. so the user immediately knows from whom the marketing message is coming from.

If your brand isn’t achieving this or is in need of a refresh, please fill out the form below and one of our Account Managers will get in touch with you immediately. Or, have a look at our portfolio to see examples of what we’ve helped other businesses achieve with their marketing.

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