Who We Are

Our creative team specializes in designing relevant and memorable print and web solutions for businesses.


We offer premium, full service creative advertising services for branding & rebranding projects, product launches, corporate communication, online marketing and more. We also provide printing services (offset and digital), photography, videography, 3D modelling and illustrations. Our focus is to provide the highest quality design work in a timely and responsive manner, achieved by leveraging our vast experience in the design industry. 

This is us.


Our beginnings were humble, as most typically are – our first office was a basement apartment. Clichéd but true. That was 2003. In the years since then, we’ve grown and succeeded and adapted to changing markets but we’ve never forgotten our roots.

Today, we’re proud to say we’ve worked with clients around the world, from Toronto to San Francisco, Amsterdam to Jerusalem and Sudbury to Wellington, in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to automotive parts, engineering to oil exploration, and machine learning to education.

We continue to seek out new adventures and opportunities, fuelled by an ambitious desire to see what’s over the next hill.

Why “Fifth” and What’s “Missing”?


The Fifth and Missing moniker was inspired by New York City’s Fifth Avenue.

Home to some of the world’s most expensive and prestigious stores including the Apple Store, Gucci and Saks Fifth Avenue, businesses on this renowned stretch spend millions of advertising dollars annually, producing some of the best and most recognizable brands and advertisements in the world.

Fifth and Missing is committed to providing the same level of creativity, steadfast dedication and commitment to its clients as the advertising agencies who handle Fifth Avenue accounts do for theirs.

The hassle and impersonality customarily associated with design services of this level is what’s missing. We respond quickly to your requests – our team is committed to providing a positive experience from initial meeting to final product delivery.

The Team

We are designers, developers and managers. We are a diverse group of talented professionals with a diverse range of talents – a cohesive team, unified by a common passion to achieve great things.